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A Trusted Name In Real Estate Matters

Last updated on November 21, 2022

Real estate transactions represent major life events. They are also fraught with many complex legal requirements. At Howell Law Firm, I am here to help prospective property owners in Waco, and the surrounding counties navigate these requirements and complete their transactions with confidence. My name is Brian E. Howell, and I can assist in residential and commercial real estate as well as farm and ranch transactions. Whatever situation you find yourself in, I can effectively guide you through it.

How Can I Help With Your Transaction?

In order to facilitate your purchase, I can draft and negotiate real estate contracts. Having legal guidance at this stage in the process ensures that you will fully understand the terms that you are agreeing to and that you are entering into a favorable agreement. Even if you are not entirely committing to the purchase of a property yet and are just putting down earnest money, I can draft a contract that protects your investment in case the transaction does not progress any further.

You do not actually have to be purchasing a property for me to help you – I can also draft contracts for easements and covenants. An easement is an agreement that gives you the right to use another person’s land for a specified purpose. A covenant is an agreement that dictates what a property owner is obligated to do and what they are prohibited from doing. Both documents are conveyances of rights to use your land, so it is important that you are fully informed of their impact before you enter them. I also do assist my family law clients with real estate sales that may become necessary during the process of a divorce.

Let’s Start Working Toward A Successful Purchase

If you have a real estate issue you are unsure how to resolve, do not leave the outcome up to chance. Get help from an experienced real estate attorney so that you can ensure that your interests will be protected. Give my firm a call at 254-342-2421 or send a request form online to schedule your free initial consultation.